• Teacher reading book to class
    Little Children, Big Learning

    We focus on the effectiveness of the current model for Kindergarten, which includes a certified teacher and a designated early childhood edutor.

  • Joy Henderson standing outside
    Interview: Connecting with Parents

    Voice speaks with Srborough Families for Public Edution organizer Joy Henderson.

  • student placing voting rd into elections box
    Learning How to lculate 'Fair'

    Michelle Munk teaches her students about different electoral systems and asks them to consider what is most fair.

Teacher and students in classroom holding books

Rabia Khokhar reflects on how our perspectives are shaped by the stories we read and that are read to us.

Children standing with teacher in classroom

Jerri Jerreat mentors her students so they n become activists for the environment.

By Sam Hammond

This government may not re about the long-term consequences of their cuts to public edution, but edutors are very aware that what we are fighting for today will have an impact on generations of students to come. We take this responsibility very seriously.

By Sharon O’Halloran

With bargaining, public mpaigns, government submissions, programs and all of the other work that ETFO does in service to our members, the fall has been an extremely busy time.

By Izida Zorde

In the winter issue of Voice, we focus on the importance of solidarity during work-to-rule strike action and on our efforts to ensure that Ontario continues to have one of the best public edution systems in the world.


Map of Ontario with change in student funding highlighted
By Erika Shaker and Rirdo Tranjan

Mapping Ontario School Board Funding Cuts.

ETFO FEEO representative at rally
By Lisa Mastrobuono

A positive outcome of the current provincial government’s first year in office has been increased public engagement by ETFO members around edution-related issues.

By ETFO Voice

Voice has been awarded the nadian Association of Labour Media’s 2018 Katie FitzRandolph Award for best regular print publition.